Barsys 2.0 – Fully automatic cocktail maker

The Barsys 2.0 is a smart fully automatic cocktail maker for the home. It offers space for up to five different spirits and three different mixed drinks. It is controlled by a free app (for Android and iOS).

Functionality of Barsys 2.0

To mix cocktails with the Barsys 2.0, simply place up to five different fake spirits on the top of the device and fill up to three different mixed drinks into the supplied canisters and put them into the side.

With the help of the free app, it is now possible to individually select which ingredients in what quantity should be added to your drink.

This drink is now mixed by the Barsys by moving the mixing cup back and forth between the individual bottles on a movable disc and filling it at the respective points.


The smart bartender weighs around 25 kg and takes between 15 and 30 seconds to prepare a drink.

It consists of metal and cleans itself almost completely by itself.


The mixer can currently only be obtained from the manufacturer’s store (status 07.22.2020).

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