PIQ Robot – Smart Sports Sensor

The PIQ Robot is a sensor that measures numerous values about your own sporting performance. It can be used for golf, kitesurfing, boxing, skiing or tennis, depending on the model.

Depending on the selected sport/activation it measures for:

  • Golf:
    • Backswing angle, swing path, speed (club head, backswing and follow through)
    • Display of the remaining distance
    • Digital Scorecard
  • Kite surfing:
    • Jump height, G-force, airtime, rotation and landing
  • Boxing:
    • Impact analysis, G-force and speed
  • Skiing:
    • Speed, turn angle, G-force, airtime, rotation and landing
    • Recording of the number of downhill and uphill rides, ride duration, weather, vertical meters covered, number and execution of jumps and swings
  • Tennis:
    • Speed, spin, technique, execution of the strokes
    • Recording of the number of forehand and backhand strokes, volleys, serves and butterballs
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