Moona – Always the perfect cushion temperature

Moona is a smart, water-cooled pillowcase that keeps pillows at the perfect temperature.

Thermoregulated water flows from a bed-side bowl into the memory foam pillow pad. The water cools slowly to help you fall asleep and warms up to wake you up gently.

Functionality of Moona

The device uses machine learning to determine your ideal “temperature profile” which fits you perfectly.

Using a unique technology, thermoregulated water continuously circulates between the bed-side POD and the pillow PAD to maintain a self-selected temperature between 18°C and 35°C.

Different, individual temperatures can be set – tailored to personal needs.

For example:

  • Cooling to fall asleep faster
  • Low temperature for better sleep quality
  • Warming to wake up gently


A mobile app is available on Android and iOS and offers

  • a temperature profile for your nights,
  • gentle alarm using temperature,
  • a nap mode,
  • insights about your sleep,
  • tips on how you can sleep better

However, the device can be used without the app.


Moona can currently only be obtained from the manufacturer’s store (status 04.08.2020).

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