VanMoof X3 – Minimalist Pedelec

VanMoof X3 is a minimalist pedelec. The e-bike has almost all cables routed inside and completely dispenses with attachments – the lighting is mounted at both ends of the top tube.

Features of the VanMoof X3

The bike is available in a matt light or dark grey, weighs 19 kilograms and comes with a display with 166 LEDs in the top tube. The display shows gear and speed during the ride.

The VanMoof offers a 504 Wh battery with 60-150km range.

The fully hydraulic brakes provide braking power in all weather conditions.

VanMoof App

Highlight is the full networking of the pedelec. With the included app the light can be switched on and off or an automatic mode can be activated, the ring tone can be adjusted. You can also call up many statistics such as average and top speed and remaining battery capacity. Additionally, the switching steps of the automatic can be set.

The app also shows the location of the wheel and unlocks the lock via Bluetooth.


The VanMoof X3 can currently only be purchased through the manufacturer’s store.

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