Calmer – Stress-reducing earplugs

The Calmer from Flare Audio is a small in-ear device made of silicone that enhances sound quality while reducing stress by preventing distortion in the human ear. It can be worn in everyday life, at concerts or under headphones.

Increase the sound quality

By removing distortion, Calmer significantly improves audio quality in any situation.

Reduction of stress

Reducing distortion also helps to prevent the human “fight-or-flight” response. Even small, unexpected noises can trigger this historically useful reaction and cause unnecessary stress.

Using the Calmer

It is almost invisible in the ear and works completely without electricity. It is used like in-ear headphones and works in a completely natural way.

How the Calmer works

Calmer removes the resonance effect of the concha by means of a tiny waveguide in our ears. The concha is the small bowl shape that is connected to our ear canal, which normally resonates sounds in the middle-frequency range.

Durch die Entfernung dieser Resonanz haben mittelfrequente Töne keine ihrer normalen schmerzhaften Aspekte.

Availability and price

The Calmer can be purchased directly from the manufacturer Flare Audio for $27.

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Comparable products

Currently we are not aware of any comparable products. It is unique in its function and a patent is already pending.

If you are interested in special sound quality, take a look at the Nuraphone headphones, which measure your ear individually and promise a special sound experience through their in-ear-over-ear shape.

Also exciting is the Devialet Phantom Reactor, a loudspeaker that delivers high fidelity sound in the 18 Hz to 21 kHz range without distortion, sound saturation or background noise.