Dreem 2 – Smart headband to improve sleep

Dreem 2 is a headband that measures brain waves, heart rate and breathing rate to provide detailed information about your personal sleep rhythm and to improve it.

How the Dreem 2 works

Numerous sensors and functions such as an EEG, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, bone conductors and a sonometer are built into the headband. These record important physical values locally on the device throughout the night and combine them every morning to form a “night card” on the smartphone (Bluetooth and WiFi are deactivated at night). Here it can be read off how regenerative the sleep was and what could have disturbed it.

Improvement of sleep

Finally, the app is used to set personal sleep goals and create a sleep profile based on the data collected. On the basis, it can be led now steps into the ways around own sleep to improve.

The headband provides additional support, for example by playing out so-called “white noise” during the night to calm down.

Materials of the Dreem 2

The headband is made of textile and foam, is completely flexible and personally adjustable. It should therefore not disturb during the night and sit comfortably on the head.

Availability and price

The Dreem 2 can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $299.

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Similar products

With Muse 2 and Mendi, two other companies are pursuing the approach of brainwave measurement, although the focus here is different.

Muse 2 promises to support meditation by converting brain waves into sounds of the weather, while Mendi uses the currents to train the brain.