Coinbase – Buy and sell crypto currency

Coinbase is a trading platform for crypot currencies. On it crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, XRP or Litecoin can be traded and exchanged for official currencies such as Euro or US Dollar.

Features of Coinbase

Apart from the classical trade, can be adjusted over the platform also recurring purchases with which in the daily, weekly or monthly rhythm adjusted amounts of crypto currency can be acquired.

Purchased coins can be secured in a “vault” for additional security.

Use of Coinbase

To use the trading platform, all you have to do is log in, link your personal bank account and finally you can start trading directly.

It can be used via the browser or via mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Security of Coinbase

Coinbase, as one of the largest providers of this type of service, is used by 30 million people and securely stores most of its digital assets on offline storage. These storages (FIPS-140 USB drives) are encrypted with AES-256 and the content is additionally stored on paper. This data is then stored in vaults and strongboxes scattered geographically.

In addition, all coins stored on the platform’s servers are covered by insurance.

Every Coinbase account is secured by a two-factor verification.

Coinbase Earn

Apart from the trade of crypto currencies the trading platform offers also the possibility to earn crypto by small, simple quizzes. Background is the spreading of knowledge about such currencies. At present about $161 USD can be earned in the form of different crypto currencies.


The use of Coinbase is generally free of charge, but for each purchase and sale there are small fees depending on the traded value.

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