CookingPal – Smart food processor

The CookingPal (formerly Julia) is a smart food processor that is supposed to compete with the Thermomix. The novel tabletop cooking device comes equipped with numerous features and is intended to replace various kitchen appliances:

  • Balance
  • Steam cooker
  • Kneading machine
  • Slow Cooker
  • Mixer
  • Rice stove
  • Yoghurt machine
  • Ice cream machine

Operating the CookingPal

The CookingPal is operated either via the Smart Kitchen Hub, a specially developed tablet or your own smartphone. Recipes can be tracked, the progress of the cooking process can be kept up to date and, of course, cooking processes can be controlled from anywhere in the home.

Smart Kitchen Hub

The Smart Kitchen Hub with its 8.9″ touch screen is water and dust proof, has a camera, a microphone and two speakers. It also comes with the CookingPal AI, which allows you to take pictures of your ingredients and recommend recipes based on them.


The included recipes cover different levels of difficulty, are presented with easy-to-understand photos or videos and guide you step by step through the individual cooking steps (Guided Cooking).

The Thermomix Killer learns personal preferences and suggests individualized recipes and shopping suggestions based on Big Data Analysis.

It can also be controlled by voice command.

Features and accessories of the CookingPal

The pot of the smart food processor holds three liters and is made of stainless steel. A steamer attachment, stirring attachment, cooking insert, spatula and measuring cup are included. The CookingPal is connected via WiFi and Bluetooth.

Availability and price of the CookingPal

The smart kitchen appliance was presented at the CES 2020 and is currently (as of 06.23.2020) not yet available for purchase. It will cost around $1000.

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Similar product

The CookingPal clearly aims to compete with the well-known Thermomix food processor from the German manufacturer Vorwerk. The functions are identical in many respects and partly go beyond those of the Themomix.

Unlike the manufacturer from Wuppertal, it will also be possible to order the food processor conveniently online.