SmartMike+ – Smart Wireless Stereo Microphone

The SmartMike+ from Sabinetek is a wireless microphone which was developed especially for Content Creator and records audio in stereo.


Sabinetek’s smart microphone records in stereo, auto syncs in real time and works with both Android and iOS. It can also be connected directly to almost all common cameras and PCs.

It offers built-in noise reduction, automatic transcription and a battery life of about six hours.

In twin mode, the SmartMike can be used as a transmitter and receiver to connect non-Bluetooth devices such as a DSLR to the microphone.

The small microphone weighs only 0.5oz.

Availability and price

The SmartMike+ can be purchased from the manufacturer’s store for $139USD. (as of 10/15/2020)

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