CleanPod – Sterilize surfaces by UVC-C

The CleanPod from Monos is a UVC sterilizer. It uses high-energy UVC light to destroy up to 99.9% of all germs found on objects.

Using the CleanPod

At the touch of a button and without any warm-up time, the CleanPod emits ultraviolet C light via its LEDs. It then only needs to be held over the appropriate spot for 30 seconds to break down and kill almost all organic structures such as bacteria and viruses.

CleanPod Technology

Ultraviolet C light (UVC) has a very short wavelength and a very high energy. Wavelengths between 200-300 nm are considered germicidal, as they are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids.

UVC light has been shown to kill bacteria and other pathogens very effectively by encoding their DNA or RNA (their genetic code). Once their genetic code is broken, they can no longer function.

Monos has commissioned a study to prove the effectiveness of its UVC sterilizer. It can be downloaded here.

Environmental Compatibility

The CleanPod works without mercury and leaves no chemical residue. In contrast to disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes, there is no waste that needs to be disposed of.


The CleanPod weighs 270 grams, has a 2000mAh rechargeable battery and consists of ABS and PC. The wavelength of the UVC light is 265-275nm and that of the UVA light is 400nm.

It can be charged within 2.5 hours via USB-C and measures 219 × 34 × 40 mm.

Availability and price

The CleanPod can currently only be ordered directly from the manufacturer Monos for $90 USD (as of 06.29.2020).

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